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TO: EPA Section Chiefs, Patrol Representatives and Section Awards Advisors
FROM: Steve Buzzard, EPA Awards Advisor

Attached for your review and use are: 1) a summary of the current EPA Region Awards, and 2) the EPA Region's Outstanding Award nomination form.

(I will review all EPA and NSP Awards and nomination process in detail at our Fall Officer's meeting.)

Please pay close attention to the annual "Outstanding Awards" on page 1. Every year Outstanding nominations from each Section are reviewed and winners for the EPA Region are selected. The winners from the EPA Region are then submitted to Eastern Division in competition with winners from other Regions. Eastern Division's winners are then submitted to NSP for the annual National Outstanding competition. We want our best and most deserving people nominated for Outstanding Awards.

We will need each Section's nominations for Outstanding Awards available at the Fall Officer's Meeting in November. Please try to submit at least one (1) nominee for each category.

Please call (Cell # 717 413 4316) or email (sbuzz1957@comcast.net) with any questions or problems.

Thanks in advance for your Outstanding Award nominations!


08/15/2012 -

EPA Patrol Representatives and Section Chiefs

There is a new award announcement on the E DIV website: The Eastern Division Patroller Achievement Award is now approved and nominations are being accepted for 2012 through October 31. The announcement is attached below:

In a nutshell:

The award is intended to recognize patrollers for their contributions and service to their local patrols.
Minimum requirement: 1) Service as a Patroller for at least 15 years -or- 2) Service as a Senior Patroller for at least 10 years.
(People who have previously received a National Appointment or Leadership Commendation are not eligible for this award.)

The nomination form/matrix is used to qualify years of service and contributions. Each are assigned points on the matrix. The award winners will receive a pin and patch with the year it was awarded. There are 150 awards available for 2012. These will be awarded based on the 150 nominations with highest point totals received.

The award nomination process is now 'live' and nominations may be submitted to the Region Awards Advisor by email (me) on the attached form below:

Points for years of service will be assigned to the next level. For example: A Patroller with 15 to 20 years of service will receive 2 points; a patroller with 21 to 25 years of service will receive 6 points.

Please email with any questions or problems. We are trying to streamline the process by accepting nominations by email only. Like anything new, there may be a few bugs to work out. But I am ready to help you recognize your deserving Patrollers!

I look forward to your nominations.






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