This year all OEC Skill Sessions and ONLINE Learning Registration will be using the new NSP website Learning Center.

Below are links with information on a STEP-BY-STEP Instruction on how to navigate to sign-up for these sessions.

The change in this year's software will allow you to register for the A Skills session before completing the on-line learning. However, the on-line modules will need to be completed before attending the Skills session as it has been in past years. Please present your on-line learning certificate at the refresher.

Please direct any questions and comments to: MIST@NSPEPA.ORG

Thank You !


1.  How do I sign up for the Online Module ?  [ PDF ] 

2.  How do I Print my Online Module Certificate ?  [ PDF

3.  How do I register for a Refresher Skill Session "A" ?  [ PDF ]

4.  How do I confirm I am registered for a Course or Skill Session "A" ?  [ PDF ]