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Section Chief
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02/07/2017 - Region Director & Section Chief Elections

06/23/2017 - Section Chief results

               Meet your new Section Chiefs !


This fall our Region will be electing a Region Director who will be elected by the voting of all active patrol members with primary registry in the Region at the 2017 fall OEC refreshers.

The election will start at the first refresher on October 1, 2017 at Ski Roundtop Mountain Resort and ends at the last refresher on November 11, 2017 at Spring Mountain.

The elected Region Director will take office on April 1, 2017.

This early election announcement is being made via E-mail and posting on the EPA website as required by the the Division by-laws.

Members seeking the office of Region Director may announce their intention starting in February, 2017, by contacting Election Chairperson Matt DiLoreto at mattd1081@gmail.com for a nomination form.

The Nomination form, platform, resume, and candidate picture may be submitted at any time, but will be due no later than August 1, 2017. 

The Election Committee will then check the eligibility of each candidate upon receipt of these required items and notify the candidate of the results.

Early submission and acceptance of these items will enable candidates to announce their candidacy and campaign during the current ski season.

Each candidate’s picture, platforms, and resume will be posted on the EPA website as soon as they are received. This is the only way the information about the candidates will be available.
Following are the pre-requisite requirements for Region Director Candidates.
Region Director Candidates must be:

Active registered patrollers in the Region
Have a minimum of five seasons of patrolling experience 
Have achieved Senior Alpine, Senior Nordic, or Certified status. 

Members currently registered as Auxiliary Patrollers are qualified to become Region Director Candidates if they have met the requirements described above at some point in their patrol career.
Potential candidates may obtain a nomination form by contacting Matt Diloreto, Election Chairperson, at: mattd1081@gmail.com
Following are the pre-requisite requirements for Region Director and Section Chief/Region Delegate candidates.

As stated in the Eastern Division By-laws, Region Director and Section Chief/Region Delegates candidates must be active registered patrollers in the Region, have a minimum of five seasons of patrolling experience, and have achieved Senior Alpine Patroller, Senior Nordic Patroller, or Certified Patroller status.  Members currently registered as Patrollers (formerly Auxiliary Patrollers) are qualified to become Region Director Candidates if they have met the requirements described above at some point in their patrol career.

Region Election Committee
The Region Election Committee will be comprised of
 Region Delegate
 Four Section Chiefs
 Matt DiLoreto as Chairman

 Region Director Candidates for 2017 Election


                   Sharon Friedel

               Platform & Resume

NEWS ! - 11/11/2017 - Sharon Friedel is our new RD Elect !


​National Elections - Open till December 1, 2017 - Vote today !

Log onto www.nsp.org and click the big VOTE button.

Your vote counts. 
Deadline is this Friday, 12/1!

Our great slate of candidates,  Chris Pringle, Rick Knight, Wendy Aarnio, Ken Kramer and Morgan Armstrong the best, and want to remind you to make sure and vote for them in this year's National Board election that ends on Friday, December 1st.

Chris, Rick, Wendy, Ken and Morgan, represent the great geographic diversity of the National Ski Patrol, is ready to lead our organization, and need your vote today.

Voting is easy:

Go to www.NSP.org signing in with your username & password.
Go to the "Member Resource" page.
Click on the "VOTE HERE" button in the middle of the page.
Next page click on "VOTE NOW"
Select 5 candidates & click “Submit” to vote.

Thanks again for your continued dedication to the National Ski Patrol and the Eastern Division!

Think Snow!

John Kane
Eastern Division Director