2022-2023 Cycle C Registration Information

Registration is now via the NATIONAL WEB SITE (www.nsp.org)

Instructions to Register for the Hands-On Skills portion of the refresher:

To register for the refresher -

Once you have completed the online hybrid portion - Go to the NSPEPA Calendar.


View the list of refresher dates and locations and note which refresher you would like to attend.

Once you have decided which refresher you are going to, 
Go www.nsp.org
Go to the Learning Center  
Search the Catalog enter "2022 OEC REFRESHER CYCLE C SKILLS." 
The first one that should pop up is the "2022 OEC Refresher Cycle C Skills." 
Click on the Enroll button. 
A list of OEC Cycle C Skills refreshers will come up. They are basically listed by date (although a few are out of order). Scroll down to find your refresher date and patrol location name.  (Use Filter for date).
Once you have found the correct refresher (please double check the name, etc), click "Select" to the right of that refresher. 
Scroll all the way down and click "Submit."

The course will now appear on your learning page, and you are registered. 

You will NOT receive an email from NSP Center for Learning with a confirmation of your registration. 
You will receive an email once you have completed the in-person skills course (similar to the one you received when you completed the online modules). 
Please note, you can only register for ONE Cycle C Refresher! 
If you need to change your location and date, go back to your Learning Center, go to the Cycle C Course, and click on the carrot next to the course to unenroll. Then go back to the Search Catalog and find the course location you want to change to using the above instructions.