Alumni Program

Effective: 08-01-2023

Alumni Advisor
Ed Conaway

What is An EPA Alumni Member?

An Alumni member is a special registration category for people who, for various reasons, decide to no longer provide emergency care or rescue services, but wish to continue their relationship with the National Ski Patrol.

The NSP created the alumni member category in 1977 as a way to facilitate contact with former members and keep them informed of national events and activities. Today, there are over 2,000 alumni and secondary alumni members affiliated with the NSP.                                               

FAQ: Alumni Program Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you join?

By joining as an alumni member, you can continue your involvement with the largest winter rescue organization in the world and support the NSP on a new level. If you wish, you can continue to contribute to your patrol.

Regardless of the scope of involvement, Alumni can contribute to the success of ski patrolling at any level.

For additional detail please contact a Patrol Director, or

Ed Conaway

NSP Courses: 

  • Avalanche,
  • OEC,
  • Mountaineering,
  • Instructor Development, etc. - Take or Instruct.

Events and Involvement:

  • Courtesy/Host Patrols
  • Special Olympics
  • Wounded Warrior Events
  • Administrative Capacities i.e. newsletter editor, social director etc.
  • Community Safety Talks
  • Alumni Days
  • Recruit Candidates
  • Other NSP-sponsored Activities
  • Awards
  • Certificates of Appreciation from your Patrol, Region or Division:
  • Eastern Division Outstanding Alumni Award.

Identification/NSP Catalog Items:

You may not purchase or wear Active NSP uniforms or duty identification.

You may purchase all other catalog items including the following:

"ALUMNI" Sweater Pin
Alumni Chest Badge
Certificates of Appreciation from your Patrol, Region or Division:
Eastern Division Outstanding Alumni Award

As an alumni member, you won't be required to fulfill any skill or educational requirements; however, you may decide to keep your instructorships current and serve as an instructor or in another capacity to local units of NSP.

Several ski areas have already incorporated alumni patrollers in their operations and taken advantage of their alumni's local knowledge and experience. Alumni often attend ski patrol PR events, help recruit new members, provide administrative help, give safety talks, participate in other community service activities, and are a valued force within NSP.

Regardless of the scope of your involvement, becoming an alumni member enables you to contribute to the success of ski patrolling at both the local and national level.

Other Benefits

As an Alumni Member of the NSP, you will receive:

  • Continued service years and Member voting rights
  • A subscription to Ski Patrol Magazine
  • Access to some NSP Winter Catalog merchandise
  • Opportunities to participate in all NSP-sponsored events
  • You can easily change back and forth from alumni to active patrolling by following patrol requirements.
  • Your membership dues may be tax deductible
  • You may be listed with your home patrol on their secondary roster
  • Eastern Division & EPA News Letters


From: EPA Alumni Program Coordinator
To: All,

My goal as the EPA Alumni Coordinator is to inform Patrollers of this valuable opportunity to continue your service and affiliation with NSP. The Alumni Program offers an opportunity to keep your OEC credentials current and continue with their instructorships. Many just simply want to keep in touch and attend National Ski Patrol alumni functions.

The EPA website has been a wonderful vehicle to get a great deal of information to patrollers and Alumni. The feedback from them provides new questions and answers. New information is added all the time, and is kept clear and understandable.  The website helps people understand the program and the possibilities that the NSP and EPA has to offer their members. The EPA website allows the Alumni an interactive conduit to keep our membership informed.

National will be publishing an Alumni Member Manual. As soon as this manual becomes available it will be posted to the EPA, Alumni page. “This document will undoubtedly continually evolve as we experience changes.”

Please feel free to contact me:

Alumni Advisor
Ed Conaway

How Much Does It Cost?

Alumni dues are only $35 annually, $25 of which covers program administrative costs; the remaining $10 is returned to the division with which the Alumni Member is affiliated.

Dues are to be paid directly through the NSP website. NSP will accept checks from Alumni Members but would prefer members to make electronic payments.

Active NSP patrollers who are lifetime members automatically retain their lifetime status after becoming alumni members. New and continuing alumni members who wish to become lifetime alumni members can do so for a one-time fee that helps support the NSP Endowment Fund. Alumni members with 50 years of continuous service are eligible for a free lifetime membership. This must be verified with the national office. Lifetime member receive a Lifetime Membership Pin and a walnut-framed certificate.

Additional Information:

Alumni Brochure - NSP Manual PDF: Click Here...


Alumni Application Form: