NSP PA License Plate Program

Two Options Available

1. CUSTOM PLATE - You can now obtain "CUSTOM PLATES" Includes up to 5 letters and numbers with one space or hyphen.

The price for CUSTOM PLATES will be $185.00 - Pay Now...

2. STANDARD PLATES are issued with the next available number.

Standard Plates price will be $59.00 - Pay Now...
2022 News - Motorcycle License Plates in the works for the future.
2010 News - During our November 2010 region meeting we obtained the rights to obtain a specialty NSP Pennsylvania License Plate.

After we overcame all the hurdles we are now ready to offer the

“ National Ski Patrol License Plate”.

  •  You are allowed to order up to two plates, one for each of your personal vehicles.
  • The applicant has to be a current member of the National Ski Patrol with a vehicle registered in the State of Pennsylvania.
  • Not allowed for vehicles with more than 4 wheels.

Application Steps:

  • Click the Register Button
  • Fill out the on-line application: Your Name, NSP Number and Patrol, to affirm your affiliation to NSP.
  • Submit your payment via Pay Pal.
  • Print a receipt as proof of payment and keep for your records.

David Ehrlich is the program administrator for the license plate program.
He will contact you upon receipt of your payment. (Usually within 72 hours).

David Ehrlich
700 Hoffman Road
York, PA 17403



  Q: After I click the submit button, is there anything else I need to do?

A: YES !  - You will be transferred to payment page - Complete Payment.

  • You need to complete the OFF-LINE application form.
  • The Program Administrator will contact you via email and will send the appropriate instructions and form to complete.
  • You should receive this form via email within 72 hours after completing your payment.
  • Once that form is completed, it needs to be returned to David Ehrlich (License Plate Administrator).
  • The return of the application is a hard copy, snail mail via post office.
  • DMV will only accept original applications and not scanned copies.


Q: How long does it take to receive my license plate after I submit my order?

A: We are required to send the license plate applications in a batch. Generally, this batch is sent in to the PA DMV 3 times per year, typically in the months of April, August and December. Once the commonwealth has the applications they can process the license plate within two weeks.


 Q: Can I select my License Plate number ?

NO & YES depending on which plate you order.

A1: Standard License Plate orders will receive the next sequential number. Example: 00234, 00235, 00236, etc.....

 A2: Custom License Plate orders can request numbers and letters. Up to 5 letters and numbers with one space or hyphen. Example: 00000, 00 000, 00-000.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at mist@nspepa.org.

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