EPA Region Ski Patrol is divided into four Sections:

Central Section
E102 Blue Mountain, Patrol Rep  -  Ski Patrol site
E077 Bear Creek, Patrol Rep  - Ski Patrol site - 
E072 Eagle Rock, Patrol Rep - Ski Patrol Site
E318 Spring Mountain, Patrol Rep    Ski Patrol site
E009 Valley Forge Nordic Ski Patrol, Patrol Rep, Ski Patrol site

Northern Section    
E087 Elk Mountain, Patrol Rep    
E167 Hideout, Patrol Rep
E089 Big Bear at Mast Hope Rapids, Patrol Rep 
E023 Montage Mountain, Patrol Rep - 1000 Montage Mountain Road • Scranton, PA 18507
E235 Tanglwood , Patrol Rep - Area Closed 2008
E003 Upper Delaware Nordic, Patrol Rep

Pocono Section
E333 Alpine Mountain, Patrol Rep , Ski Patrol Site
E170 Big Boulder, Patrol Rep        Ski Patrol site
E048 Camelback, Patrol Rep         Ski Patrol site
E021 Jack Frost Mountain, Patrol Rep, Ski Patrol site
E332 Pocono Ranchlands, Patrol Rep  
E081 Saw Creek, Patrol Rep
E114 Shawnee Mountain, Patrol Rep

Southwest Section
E060 Ski Liberty, Patrol Rep , Ski Patrol Site
E300 Ski Roundtop, Patrol Rep , Ski Patrol Site  
E034 Whitetail, Patrol Rep -Ski Patrol Site 

The Eastern Pennsylvania Region Ski Patrol spans an area from Mid-Pennsylvania to the Eastern border as shown in the map below.  The EPA Region is staffed by part-time volunteers to handle administrative and educational duties. 

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