Visiting Patroller Policy

Per the Officers Meeting held on 11/08/2020, it is recommended you contact the Patrol Director PRIOR to your planned visit for the updated policy.

Below are some of the patrols who have responded about Visiting Patrollers.

From Cathy Long -PD
Hideout - must call ahead for a pass through the gate. Contact me via text or email.

From Phil Barker - PD

Bear Creek industry comp passes will be extremely restricted. Their are no day of ticket sales. If a patroller would like to visit Bear Creek they should contact Patrol Director, Phil Barker at <> in advance of their visit.

From Brent Watts - PD
Spring Mountain Comp Ticket: Contact Brent Watts, Patrol Director, 24 hours in advance for comp tickets.

From James Chen - PD 

Liberty - Unlikely to receive any benefit/comps for visiting patrollers due to new Vail management.