Awards Coordinator

David J. Marks
164 Royer Drive

Trappe, PA 19426

EPA Region Awards Section

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The National Ski Patrol has a strong awards program designed to recognize patrols and patrollers. Each year, the NSP gives out its National Outstanding Awards, which are awarded in 12 categories:

  • Outstanding Large Alpine Patrol,
  • Outstanding Small Alpine Patrol,
  • Outstanding Administrative Patroller,
  • Outstanding Alpine Patroller,
  • Outstanding Patroller,
  • Outstanding Paid Patroller,
  • Outstanding Nordic Patrol,
  • Outstanding Nordic Patroller,
  • Outstanding Instructor,
  • Outstanding OEC Instructor,
  • Outstanding Patrol Representative,
  • Outstanding Young Adult Patroller.

The awards are handed out in the fall, and an article featuring the winners is published in the winter Ski Patrol Magazine. Click the image to read the article on the winners for the most recent year.