SOEC - Senior Outdoor Emergency Care Program Advisor

Chris Whitpan 


SOEC - Senior Outdoor Emergency Care

The Senior OEC Program focuses on leadership, problem management and decision-making within the standards in the current OEC manual. Senior OEC certification is a result of having successfully completed this leadership course and does not represent a higher standard of OEC skills. The skills learned promote confidence in dealing with more complicated first aid scenarios involving multiple injuries and patients.

Training is done in the outdoor environment on snow, and involves participating in scenarios as a leader and helper. Instructors who are Senior OEC Trainer Evaluators (TEs) develop the scenarios to cover all aspects of Outdoor Emergency Care, and provide feedback during training sessions.

Candidates are required to successfully lead at least 4 scenario problems during the training sessions. Written treatment plans for two scenarios from the Patrollers’ Manual are required. In addition the candidate is required to write an original scenario of Senior Patroller level, following the format in the NSP test banks.

The Senior OEC final evaluation is given at the conclusion of the course. It is conducted on snow and on typical mountain terrain. Candidates lead one warm-up scenario and two evaluation scenarios. Only the leader is evaluated in the scenarios.